Birds: A Rant

Any of us who spend any time in the handmade/DIY world know exactly why this is funny.

This post is a little loving ribbing aimed at some of my favorite people in the world — jewelry designers.  It’s not easy to give people what they want, especially when they want the same things over and over again.  A recent search on Etsy using the search term “bird” brought up over 30,000 necklaces.  I have not independently verified that each of those items actually depict a bird.  But, go ahead, search around — they are everywhere.  It’s done.  It’s overdone.  Has anyone looked in on Tippi Hedren lately?  Is she OK?

Look, I love birds.  I even have a hummingbird tattooed on my wrist (which my husband says looks like a chicken).  The bird-themed jewelry?  Beautiful pieces all.

But. That. Is. Not. The. Point.

Sometimes, it is just time to challenge us — your customers — with new ideas, with what will become the next trend.  (No, I don’t mean those adorable matryoshka nesting dolls.)

Here, look at this stuff with animals other than birds:

You can find Mary Walke, Pete Conder, and Christine Domanic on Etsy.


Why bread and cake?

I love jewelry. I love it in a way that, I believe, is not materialistic … I love it for its beauty, its craftsmanship, its history and the role it has in our lives … not for its monetary value, although that can be impressive. Here, I hope to reflect on what’s out there, what people are making, what people are wearing, and, maybe, sometimes what it means.

So, “bread and cake,” what’s that about? It sounds like a blog about torturing the gluten-free. I love the words, the nice punchy sounds but, beyond that, the words are symbolic of jewelry. Jewelry is part of daily life — basic and sustaining — like wedding bands and family heirlooms. Jewelry is also decadent, fancy, and, at its best, a heart stopping art form.

Please read and enjoy …