Why Bread and Cake?

I can say, with the utmost confidence, that I love jewelry more than anyone you know.  I have spent untold hours rummaging through antique stores, gawking at Etsy marvels, and reading the blogs of favored jewelry designers.

I love jewelry in a way that, I believe, is not materialistic.  I love it for its beauty, its craftsmanship, its history and the role it has in our lives — not for its monetary value or the status it demonstrates. Here, I hope to reflect on what people are making, what people are wearing and collecting, style, quality, and sometimes meaning.

“Bread and Cake” — I love the words, the nice, punchy sounds but, beyond that, the words describe jewelry for me. Jewelry is part of our daily life — basic and sustaining — like wedding bands and family heirlooms. Jewelry is also decadent, fancy, and, at its best, a heart-stopping art form.

Please read and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Why Bread and Cake?

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