Birds: A Rant

Any of us who spend any time in the handmade/DIY world know exactly why this is funny.

This post is a little loving ribbing aimed at some of my favorite people in the world — jewelry designers.  It’s not easy to give people what they want, especially when they want the same things over and over again.  A recent search on Etsy using the search term “bird” brought up over 30,000 necklaces.  I have not independently verified that each of those items actually depict a bird.  But, go ahead, search around — they are everywhere.  It’s done.  It’s overdone.  Has anyone looked in on Tippi Hedren lately?  Is she OK?

Look, I love birds.  I even have a hummingbird tattooed on my wrist (which my husband says looks like a chicken).  The bird-themed jewelry?  Beautiful pieces all.

But. That. Is. Not. The. Point.

Sometimes, it is just time to challenge us — your customers — with new ideas, with what will become the next trend.  (No, I don’t mean those adorable matryoshka nesting dolls.)

Here, look at this stuff with animals other than birds:

You can find Mary Walke, Pete Conder, and Christine Domanic on Etsy.