Hey Everyone:

1500 all time hits is not a lot for some blogs but, for this little blog, started just over a month ago, it will be a big milestone.  We’re almost there!  Thanks so much for reading, sharing, and re-posting! 

Best, ~ Noelle

Great Pairing

The big, chunky, wooden rings that you can get import stores are nice but can be a little unrefined — a little like napkin rings.  Vintage buttons have been added to handmade jewelry for some time now.  That was novel for a while but its become harder to find a unique use.

Enter Jessica J. Fein who has breathed new life into both ideas — the wooden ring and the use of vintage buttons.  She’s taken the best of both concepts and came up with a fresh approach.

Why bread and cake?

I love jewelry. I love it in a way that, I believe, is not materialistic … I love it for its beauty, its craftsmanship, its history and the role it has in our lives … not for its monetary value, although that can be impressive. Here, I hope to reflect on what’s out there, what people are making, what people are wearing, and, maybe, sometimes what it means.

So, “bread and cake,” what’s that about? It sounds like a blog about torturing the gluten-free. I love the words, the nice punchy sounds but, beyond that, the words are symbolic of jewelry. Jewelry is part of daily life — basic and sustaining — like wedding bands and family heirlooms. Jewelry is also decadent, fancy, and, at its best, a heart stopping art form.

Please read and enjoy …