The New Cameo

Nothing says traditional jewelry quite like a cameo.  Components carved in the cameo style have appeared in every type of jewelry — rings, necklaces, earrings — for a very, very long time.  Only a designer with boldness in her heart would try to update the cameo and succeed.

The bold Jessica J. Fein has done just that.  She has a lovely line of vintage inspired chunky, playful jewelry and the modern/cameo mashups are very nice additions to the line.

You can find these lovely pieces in her Etsy store, jfeindesigns, as well as her other wonderful creations!

Great Pairing

The big, chunky, wooden rings that you can get import stores are nice but can be a little unrefined — a little like napkin rings.  Vintage buttons have been added to handmade jewelry for some time now.  That was novel for a while but its become harder to find a unique use.

Enter Jessica J. Fein who has breathed new life into both ideas — the wooden ring and the use of vintage buttons.  She’s taken the best of both concepts and came up with a fresh approach.