The Shins.

The Shins very thoughtfully let a little piece of jewelry play a role in this awesome video, thus, giving me the excuse to post it.

Did you see it?  It’s in there — a necklace which justifies the video’s presence in this blog.  Ha.  I just love that video.  It seems like it could be a dark episode in the history of the Tenenbaum family.

So, with that clumsy segue, I will engage in a little shameless self-promotion.

As I have alluded to here, in addition to learning to make jewelry, I make artwork in my spare time.  Although I haven’t always talked about it, it has been a part of my life for years.  Presumably as part of promoting their new album, The Shins are running a contest to design their tour poster.  I have submitted a few designs and I’ll share a couple of them here.

This first one is an altered photograph of my assemblage piece called “Empty.”  While the original piece wasn’t created for the poster project, the above video for Simple Song called this piece to mind.  I am pretty sure that The Shins will not want a random piece of artwork to grace their tour poster.  Nevertheless, it was a labor of love to turn it into a poster design as I listen The Shins a lot while doing creative work.  If you like, it you can vote for it here.

Then, there is this:

This is a photograph of my dad’s awesome vintage stereo.  It is literally bigger than the floor space in my tiny little San Francisco kitchen.  It is no joke.  Anyway, I digitally toyed around with it and, overall, thought that the image would make a fun poster.  If you like it, you can vote for it here.