Jewelry Becomes You

As part of my jewelry obsession, I am enthralled by the idea of jewelry that becomes a part of you — jewelry that you never take off.  The most obvious example of jewelry that rises to that level is the jewelry used in piercings.  I’ve worn a nose ring off and on over the years and, as much as I enjoyed having that piercing, I was typically disappointed in the selection of jewelry available.

Well, with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo knocking critics out of their seats, you can see some pretty cool piercings on posters all over town.  So, today, just out of curiosity, I set out to see what was new in the world of nose rings.  To be honest, not much.  Thankfully, April Baynes, in her Etsy store Aprilsblissed, saves us with a great line of stunning nose rings.

These are just great, unique pieces.  They are edgy but also tasteful and very flattering.  The geometric piece has really got me wondering …Can still get a ring through my piercing.  Hmmmm.