Call and Response

I’ve only been doing this blogging thing for a little over a month.  Even though it is early days, sometimes I sit down with no idea of what to write.  On those days, the first step for me is to cruise around Etsy to see what captures my attention.  Sometimes that can take a while.  There is plenty great work out there but finding something that really sparks a topic for me is where the time comes in.  Other times, thankfully, it is just too easy — today was one of those days.

I ran across the amazing work of Temi Kucinski right away.  Her lovely line, sold in the Etsy store, Temi,  displays a consistent vision with great metal work and a really unique collection of stones.

Temi’s work brings to mind my favorite phase of working on a drawing or a painting.  I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this but, whenever I am working on a piece of art, there is a point when I know I’ve got it.  A point at which I know I own the piece — it and I are communing perfectly.  It is usually the point that I have the mechanics of the piece down and I am simply listening and responding to what the piece wants in order to be fully actualized.  It is where it becomes stylized, decorated, detailed — when it becomes itself.  Temi’s work has that vibe for me.  I feel as if I can see that there was a point at which she listened the piece and allowed it have all the elements it requested.

Wearable Sculpture by Katie Johansson

Katie Johansson, as the creative force behind Dollybird Jewelry, is flat out fearless in her designs.  They are sculptural and bold.

This necklace in particular puts me in mind of modern art mobiles with its open metal structure and artistically placed stones.

Particle Necklace

Lapis Temple Ring

Katie’s creative use of materials in her line is admirable.  She selects unusual stones on a large scale for a huge visual impact and, occasionally, ventures away from stones and uses other objects as the center piece of the design.

Vintage Horsehair Earrings

Many of Katie’s designs are available in her Etsy store, Dollybirddesign.

Gorgeous use of stones (and words) by Michelle Lenáe

Michelle Lenáe posts some beautiful work for sale on Etsy. Of her work, these earnings in particular caught my eye.  These long, dramatic earnings boast prasiolite stones, which is a green-quartz. Stylistically, there is a little clever mixing of metaphors here. Although the ball-chain is made of gold, it is still a ball-chain which makes me think of less refined jewelry.  But, nevertheless, the earrings culminate in a delicate, sparkly stones. Somehow the materials marry together well. I think it is the attention to detail and that the end result is clean and professional.

Other thoughts …Earrings like this are called “dusters.” This got me thinking about how descriptions affect how we feel about an item we are viewing. For my money, these earnings are dramatic and classic but it is the name of the style that captures my imagination. Once I have the word “duster” in my head, I have images of movement … the beautiful faceted gems skimming my shoulders and playing in my hair. The word and the images that it conjures up make these earrings immediately more desirable.

Michelle Lenáe has an Etsy collection that is mid-range in size. The prices are generally higher end for Etsy but, for handmade jewelry, in precious metals and unusual stones, I find her items to be moderately priced.