I Like This Stuff

Hello All:  Yesterday, I posted by 50th post!  Just saying. Thanks for reading, sharing and re-posting!

So, on to today’s post.

Normally, I try to find a theme for my posts — bracelets, enamel, lost wax casting etc.  Maybe, I am just tired but I’ve found this wonderful designer who I’d like to write about but I can’t find a unifying theme.  So, rather than try to create a tortured context, I will just share some of the beautiful pieces of anatomi in her Etsy store.

Maybe it is the awesome selection of stones.  Maybe not.  I just like this stuff.

Bold Creativity by Allison Sattinger

I meant to take off from blogging for two days, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  However, it seems that bad planning got the better of me and I didn’t have one ready to go up today.  But, the holiday is officially over – no more slacking off.

I saved the following piece of jewelry in my Etsy favorites a week or so ago.

There’s something that I really love about this ring by Allison Sattinger. Pairing raw with refined, I think it makes a bold statement and definitely captures the eye.  From the perspective of an amateur jewelry maker, however, I am impressed with the concept and the execution.  I can tell that the construction of the ring took a lot of planning.  I am still not really sure when or how Allison set that stone.