Welcome Roo

Hello Everyone:

So, I haven’t posted a few days … and today’s post isn’t really going to be about jewelry.  Rather, it is about an unexpected acquisition from jewelry class.

Meet Roo:

Isn’t she sweet?  She has positively charmed everyone in the house — including the existing animals.

How did she come from jewelry class, you ask?  Excellent question.

Well, the very talented and sweet Gili Assa, who takes classes with me at Scintillant Studio, is also a dedicated volunteer for Rocket Dog Rescue.  Included in the time and energy that Gili puts in on behalf of homeless dogs is the fact that she fosters lots of little ones.  Sometimes they come to the studio with her.  One day, about two weeks ago, this little one appeared and I just sort of knew that she’d be added to the menagerie at home.

After a trial visit of a few days, it became final and my husband and I took in the little one.  We named her, Roo, after the smallest, youngest animal in the world of Winnie the Pooh, to reflect her position in the house.

Herkimer and Rivet Ring

As I have mentioned, I am in the process of learning metal work and to make jewelry.  I’ve been taking classes at Scintillant Studio for about a year.  Scintillant, which is in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, is run by the fascinating Adam Clark.  I began my education at Scintillant with a beginner’s class taught by Aimee Golant, who is incredibly talented and a great teacher.  Since then, I’ve taken Adam’s class, which is largely an independent study style, about three times.  I am pretty sure that there isn’t anything that Adam doesn’t know — seriously, bring up just about any topic.

This is my most recently completed project from Scintillant:

The stone is a Herkimer diamond.  I cut the band and the prongs out of a continuous sheet of silver and the prongs were folded up to hold the stone.  The band is closed with a copper rivet.  It was a challenge but allowed me to practice some new skills — like riveting.  But, it was a ton of fun to make and I’ve enjoyed wearing it.