A World of Two

This post isn’t strictly about jewelry.  It’s about behavior around jewelry.

There are two women who I see often around Market Street in San Francisco.  They may be twins but they are, at least, most certainly sisters.  I would estimate them to be in their 60s but it is difficult to say — as it sometimes is with those who have lived complicated lives.  My impression is that they have somewhere to live but they are always endeavoring to transport several boxes, plastic bags, a suitcase or two, and other sundry items and they give the appearance of transience.  With long grayish hair and layers of baggy clothes, they live in a world populated by only two. I wonder what they talk about.

There is one thing more to notice about these women — earrings.  Both women wear different earrings every day.  I find this fascinating. They are not particularly noteworthy earrings but they are usually a good size and clearly visible.  It appears, from a distance, that they are wearing perfectly nice costume jewelry — not handmade, not fine family heirlooms.  I find the presence of these little fashionable touches to be so incongruent with the overall vibe of this pair of people.  I find the fact that these women take the time, on a daily basis, to select earrings sort of touching.  I try to imagine the process.  It seems that this gesture says to the world, “What we are doing with these boxes and things is important to us.  It is a real task and we get up every day to do just this.”

All that from a couple pairs of earrings?  Yes.