Feel Good Jewelry

I think that most of us want to feel good about what we wear.  Generally, we want to feel as if the materials were responsibly harvested and that our lovely possession was made by people happy in their work who are well compensated.  I was recently saved from buying something that, deep down, I would have felt bad about owning.  It was an antique ring that happened to have a piece of (alleged) ivory in it.  Well, when I went back to consider it, the store had gone out of business.  It’s probably best.

But, I digress.

The use of recycled materials is one really good way to feel good about your jewelry.  Kathleen Plate of Smart Glass Jewelry has certainly made a name for herself using beautiful recycled glass to make smart designs indeed.

So, don’t make my mistake — get this stuff instead!

The Effect of Bracelets

There is something more personal about jewelry that is worn on the hands.  Perhaps that is because the wearer can see it do what jewelry is designed to do — to be in and interact with the world.  You can see how your bracelets move and how your rings break the light.  I am sure that seeing your jewelry behave as mobile art changes how you feel about those pieces.

While rings are by far my favorite type of jewelry, bracelets have a special place in my heart as the first type of jewelry I tried to make as a child — friendship bracelets and bracelets made out of coiled wire, to be specific.

Bracelets are very expressive and different bracelet styles contribute different things.  Cuff bracelets add a visual break and can foreshorten the arm — much liked cropped pants do for the leg.  Bangles can be musical and dramatic as they orbit around a wrist adding movement.  Then, there are chains with focal points and charms. They swing and sway and add length to arms and hands.  In addition, each type can change a great deal depending on materials.  A leather cuff, for example, is very different in overall effect from a beaded cuff.

Blue Keum-Boo Cuff -- by Judy Parady

Twisted Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet with a Gypsy Set Blue Sapphire - by Two Trick Pony

Woodland Love Charm Bracelet - by Mark Poulin

These fine examples of fun bracelets can be found here: Blue Keum-Boo Cuff — by Judy Parady; Twisted Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet with a Gypsy Set Blue Sapphire – by Two Trick Pony; and Woodland Love Charm Bracelet – by Mark Poulin.