What do you see?

The aesthetic appreciation of color is tricky. You can never be sure if you are really seeing the same color as someone else. We all know that there is such a thing as color-blindness but perhaps we fail to consider how subjective color is and how different it can seem to different people.


color wheelWhen I first saw jewelry made with kingfisher feathers, the effect was instantly burned into my memory.  More than any color I have ever seen before it makes me wonder how other people perceive it.   Is it blue?  Is it green?  Does it appear solid like a shell or like vapor?  I have never seen a blue that has such an impact on everything and every other color around it.  It is not just the sheen of the feathers, although that it certainly a part of it. No, it’s the color itself. These feathers are an otherworldly balance of navy, lavender, teal, and lime.  The overall color should be turquoise but it’s not — it’s more.  Mysteriously, I find that the color manages to avoid all suggestion of the delicate or pastel. Rather, I think that the color has a substance to it — an opacity.  But, what do you see?

Kingfisher-8Having seen some gorgeous kingfisher feather jewelry in person, I have to say that photos do not really do the color justice. Nevertheless, I found some lovely examples of antique pieces to share.

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