Life is complicated …

The title of this post is the beginning of one of my personal catch phrases.  “Life is complicated … (and a beat later) … morally ambiguous.”  I am not sure that the second half of that has much to do with my point.  Mainly, I am claiming that my absence from this blog is because life is complicated … and busy.  Oh, that sounds so lame.  But, it’s true.  This is not a hyper-personal blog but I will share that the last few months have been a time of adjustment in my life.  When I had time, I found that I had little to say about the art and design of jewelry that I love so much.

Out of curiosity, I logged on today to this little blog that contains my little musings.  I was so pleased, alarmed, and touched to find that it still, in my absence, receives daily hits.  And so, I determined that I should find more to say.  It makes me happy and, if others enjoy it, all the better.  So, here’s to the future and more to come.


Sometime back, I learned that my identity had been stolen.  Ironically, a good deal of mainstream jewelry from national retailers was purchased.  The humor in that was not lost on me.  I learned from one of the fraud investigators that the woman, with a fake ID with her picture and my (old) information, seemed to know a great deal about me.  She talked too much and shared information that either came from this blog or my Etsy profile.  I am here to say to that person, should she be reading: life is complicated … and morally ambiguous.  I get that. 

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