A Point of Light

In 2004, I turned 29.  I found that birthday to be a good time to look back — even more so than the big 3-0 that was coming next.  In order to process my life, I decided to escape, by myself, to London and stay in a “youth” hostel.  (I figured perhaps it was the last time I could get away with that.)  I had lived in London for a summer 10 years before that and going back seemed like a good reset for my life .

It was a wonderful, liberating trip.  I am not sure what it says about me that I love to travel alone — but I do.  Anonymous wanderer.  I feel most like myself then.

Well, me being me, no trip would be complete without shopping for a piece of jewelry as a memento.  Among my first days there (maybe the first day), I found the Argenteus store in Covent Garden and bought this ring:

This ring, made of silver and a tiny diamond, has been a fixture in my life ever since.  I just love its suspended, single point of light.  I had long since lost track of the jeweler (or should I say jeweller) who made this piece so, in order to write about it, I had to engage in some detective work.  The maker’s mark on the inside is JJN.  With the help of the oh-so-handy, Wayback machine, I found that several years ago Argenteus sold James Newman‘s line.  While I don’t see my ring exactly in his current line, I am almost sure from his style (and initials) that I have rediscovered this wonderful designer.

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