Continuing Ring Thing

Rings are my favorite type of jewelry.  A lot of rings have passed through my hands over the years.  I still have quite a collection.  My addiction to rings was once so well known among those close to me that my friend, Kate, who was in art school at the time, photographed me with my collection of rings.  (The details of those photographs I will not share here.  Look, it was for art school after all …)

The post yesterday was about a sampling of some daring designs from Teresa Arana‘s collection and two of them were really unusual ring designs.  That got me thinking.  I began to wonder what else was out there that varied from the typical ring design and I found these blow-your-mind examples of two-fingered rings.

These designs are available in the Etsy stores of Galit, jeneseque, and WearKatherineLincoln.

Carnelian and Silver Two Finger Ring by WearKatherineLincoln

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