Tiny Armour Says It Well

I love it when people really get their own work.  Being able to articulate your point of view to yourself allows your work to have a consistent voice to others.   I think that can be said of Angi Glenn-Quincy.  She called her Etsy story “Tiny Armour” and describes her designs as  being inspired by “texture, geometry, mid century modern design, rainbow colors, and all aspects of nature.”  In her work of shapes and symbols, I see all of that and more.  The words that come to mind are “graphic design jewelry.”  For my money, the whole line hangs together all the better because she understands her own work.

As a side note, I have to commend the liberal use of brass.  As we know, the cost of precious metals has gone through the roof.  Brass allows Angi to offer affordable pieces to her customers.  But, aside from that, I love brass.  It has a beautiful, warm color and can take on a patina that gives it such character.

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