Beautiful New Work by Polly Wales

Polly Wales already has an impressive resume and a stunning collection of work but there are still more inventive pieces on the way.  Courtesy of the sales staff at Polly Wales, here’s a sneak peek at Polly’s diamond collection to be launched in January 2012.

Truly unbelievable.  Unique, stylish, and heirloom quality.

Polly uses a casting method, where stones are cast directly into the metal.  She allows the method to really speak in her pieces.  That is a skill in itself — to know when to not try and exert control.  Casting this way creates a unique effect that does more than just set the stone in the piece.  The setting becomes more of a design element and it marries with the stone and changes it.  This, for example:

This piece, from her Crystal Collection, is currently available on Polly’s website and it shows how this casting method, when unleashed, allows the stones and the metal to somehow become more blended — more one.  Every piece is the frozen moment in time when the metal and the stones met.  It is not a method for use by a timid jewelry designer.  It’s bold and a huge design risk that, for Polly Wales, pays off over and over again.

On her website, Polly describes her work this way, “a disregard for the traditional, juxtaposed with a love of the ancient and classical jewellery.”  I think that comes through clearly in her designs.  The words that come to mind for me are “modern artifacts.”  It’s the past reflected in a new way.

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