A Man and His Jewelry

Ok, so I’m going to out myself.  I think it’s healthy if I just go ahead and say it.  Here it goes: I am obsessed with Russell Brand.   I am not proud of it.  I am not proud that, at 36 years old, I am obsessed with a celebrity like a teenager.  But, I tell you this, if I had a locker, it would have his picture on it.  Recent events, have put him in the news all the more and, while I am sad for him and his marriage, it has served to feed my obsession.

(To my dear husband, I love you and I am sorry about all this.)

I could go and go and about what I like about Russell Brand (for one thing he’s incredibly bright) but I won’t.  I will get to the point.  Russell Brand is a man who wears jewelry.

Here’s Russell Brand in a People magazine photo. A man and his jewelry.

I’ve attempted to do a little research into the designers that he wears but the information is spotty and dated.  So, rather than take the risk of misinformation, I will allow Russell Brand’s jewelry-laden style to be the inspiration for a post to showcase some awesome jewelry for men that can be found on Etsy.

13 thoughts on “A Man and His Jewelry

  1. You know I ‘ll have to agree with you or get a divorce. Pat is never going to stop wearing his man jewelry. I know it’s a big important day when he brings out his barley worn ornate cowboy boots and Native American inspired jewels. Men who wear jewelry are either creepy or cool there seems to be no in between.

  2. Its always irked me that certain things are marketed as “men’s”. I can see why flowers and certain configurations of jewels would appeal more to women, but when I look at “men’s jewelry,” I just see things that appear more tasteful or understated. Sometimes they’re larger, but come on–ladies like the big chunky things too.


  3. One of my favorite posts! Both the endearing confession and the jewelry it inspired you to showcase. Now if only that dear husband of yours would wear some Russell Brand style jewelry!

  4. I too admire a man that can wear jewelry. It seems that there is a certain style that a guy has to have in order to wear jewelry.

    • Thanks! Before yesterday, I never even considered writing something about a celebrity. I had to write this particular piece for therapeutic purposes ;-).

      When I tried to figure out what Russell Brand wears, most of what I found was old information and didn’t feel reliable. But, if I come up with a research method that yields good information, I will definitely share it. (I suppose I could ask my reference librarian husband for help on this but he’ll probably tell me to go to hell.)

  5. I found your site when I was looking for pictures of the jewelery Russel Brand wears. I too appreciate this brilliant bud odd character. I’m a jewelery designer and am inspired by his style. Soon to be found on Etsy by MJ Sandman Jewelery.

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